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Skin Checks

New Zealand is a fantastic country but our outdoor lifestyle, strong sun and skin types have led to one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Skin checks involve a detailed head to toe skin cancer examination with one of our doctors.  At the end of your skin check they will discuss their findings with you and advise if a follow up or treatment is required.

Skin cancer - Its not just a summer thing!

Whilst we think about our skin during the summer season, really, it’s something we should consider throughout the year, and it’s for anyone who has exposure to the harsh UV rays of the New Zealand sun.

Skin cancers rarely hurt… BUT they can be seen

By having a skin check doctors can tell from the shape, colour and features of moles/freckles whether they need further treatment.

Get a skin check at Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre

How to prepare for your skin check

What to expect:

  • Please remove all makeup
  • Please ensure all nail polish is removed
  • We can provide a chaperone if required 
  • You are welcome to bring a support person 
  • You will be asked to undress to your underwear
  • Gowns and privacy sheets are available. With your permission underwear will be lifted to view the underlying skin. Examination of breast, genitalia, perianal areas will not occur unless you specifically request it or have identified an area of concern.

A Gold Standard Technique

At your skin check, we may use a dermatoscope to examine your skin, this has a high-quality magnifying lens and a powerful lighting system.

This visualises the skin structures and patterns in much greater detail which allows earlier and more accurate diagnosis of skin cancer.

We will advise you during your consult if we feel that your skin type is better suited to follow up with the NAEVUS Mole Mapping team, or to continue with regular skin checks.

A lesion without dermatoscopy at Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre

A lesion without dermatoscopy

It doesn’t look l like much to the naked eye.

A lesion with dermatoscopy at Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre

The same lesion with dermatoscopy

With dermatoscopy we see much more.

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