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NAEVUS Mole Mapping

New Zealand is a fantastic country but our outdoor lifestyle, strong sun and skin types have led to one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Naevus Mole Mapping at Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre

NAEVUS mole mapping is a head to toe skin check, which involves taking images of all of your significant moles and lesions, using the most up-to-date video imaging and computer technology powered by Fotofinder.  The images taken are magnified, allowing the structure to be examined in a way that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

These images are reviewed by our doctors and then stored so they can be monitored over time. At your subsequent appointment, new images are taken and can be compared allowing for minor changes in the moles to be detected ensuring melanoma can be picked up at the earliest possible stage.

NAEVUS mole mapping is particularly effective for those with a history of melanoma or those who have multiple or unusual looking moles.

A changing Mole is a critical factor……

One of the main benefits of NAEVUS Mole Mapping is that we can monitor your moles over time. Changes can be subtle and would not normally be seen with the naked eye. A changing mole is critical and vital information to your doctor.

At your NAEVUS Mole Mapping consultation, a full comprehensive visual skin examination will take place

 A dermatoscope will be used to examine your skin, this has a high-quality magnifying lens and a powerful lighting system. This visualises the skin structures and patterns in much greater detail which allows earlier and more accurate diagnosis of skin cancer.

Following your consultation, a written report will be sent to you and your GP giving you advice on any moles that need further assessment or removal, and our recommendation with regards to your on-going screening programme.

If it is felt that your skin type is better suited to skin checks rather than NAEVUS Mole Mapping we will advise you at the time of your consult.

Naevus is Latin for Mole!

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