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Skin Surgery

Our doctors are experienced in skin cancer surgery and can treat suspicious spots or moles found at your skin check.

Following a diagnosis, you will have the option of being referred back to your family doctor, to a specialist of your choice or for Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre to provide further treatment.

Some early cancers or precancerous lesions can be treated with liquid nitrogen or creams. We are happy to discuss the various options available, to find the treatment which is right for you.

At the skin centre, we can also manage an array of noncancerous lumps, bumps and cysts.

510 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton

Phone - 07 856-1646
EDI - hamskinc

Opening hours - Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Parking - The Skin Centre can be accessed directly from Grey Street, with limited parking available, alternatively, patients can use the car parking facilities of the Hamilton East Medical Centre.